No 3 of 2016. Citizenship from Saint Lucia provides you, the investor, and your applicable dependent family members up to the age of 25, as well as parents over 65 … The administration and due diligence fees, especially the $50,000 fee for alternative investment options other than the donation to the development fund, put Saint Lucia at a higher fee price-point than its neighboring countries. It’s not usual that you get to buy a passport in a country that holds the title for the most Nobel Prize laureates per capita. So many things have changed with St Lucia since the CBI was launched in 2015 making it cheaper, easier and faster for Global HNWI investors. You don’t have to reside in Saint Lucia before, during, or after the application process. The St. Lucian Citizenship Investment Program is governed by the Citizenship by Investment Act No. The Citizenship by Investment Board in its commitment to transparency and development, hand-picks only the best practices from the most committed investors to ensure that every party gets nothing but the best. We’re not saying it’s necessarily bad, but it’s a distinguishing factor between the two nonetheless. Charles Airport and Hewanorra International Airport. Part of the Lesser Antilles, it is located north/northeast of the island of Saint Vincent, northwest of Barbados, and south of Martinique. The island paradise that is Saint Lucia gained its independence from the United Kingdom back in 1979, but remains part of the Commonwealth. All economic citizens of St Lucia automatically issued a passport under the Citizenship by Investment Act No 14 of 2015. While Antigua and Barbuda will work better for some people (e.g., larger families), Saint Lucia offers one of the lowest points of investment if you’re a solo applicant. The personal income tax rates are mostly 30%. With these benefits, those wishing to secure a second passport through the St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program for greater flexibility and movement across the globe must be at least 18 years of age, have no criminal record, and be … Meanwhile, a family of four (2 adults and 2 children 16+) will pay $167,500 (originally $217,500). Therefore, to qualify for citizenship in Saint Lucia, applicants must fulfill one of the following investment requirements below as well as these criteria: High net worth individuals may choose to make a financial contribution to the NEF organization using one of these prescribed contribution levels. Plus, in the few short years that it’s been in operation, the Saint Lucian CBI has earned itself a solid reputation. . Having options is great and that’s exactly what Saint Lucia offers when it comes to citizenship by investment (CBI) – many options. Each of them have pros and cons. The commitment goes further to include the provision of unrivaled advantages to the investors which in turn benefits the country and its people. They will add additional investment sums and fees, and thus increase the total needed investment. With the most varied investment options, Saint Lucia caters not only to those who want to buy a citizenship fast, but also to those who want to create actual ties with the country and help its economy develop. There are also direct links to east coast hubs in North America, including Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto. Its capital, and largest, city, Castries, represents 40% of the island’s population. The St Lucia citizenship by investment program requires the investor to apply through an authorized agent and invest in government funds or approved real estate projects, business ventures, or government bonds. Nonetheless, you can expect to be investing in a high-end hotel or a resort of some sort, and usually these will be slightly overpriced – a regular occurrence with CBI programs that require you to buy from a pre-approved list of real estate. You may purchase a property that’s worth at least $300,000, but only from the officially pre-approved list of properties. With the most varied investment options, Saint Lucia caters not only to those who want to buy a citizenship fast, but also to those who want to create actual ties with the country and help its economy develop. Call our office on +1 775-387-1849   or   Request a Call Back >. Thankfully, processing fees have been waived; however, there is a fund administration fee of US$30,000 which investors must pay. As one of the investment criteria for investment applications for citizenship of Saint Lucia, application can be made through an investment in Government Bonds. We offer specialist legal advice to the high net worth individuals from outside St Lucia to settle down with their family and establish a business through "St Lucia's Citizenship-by-Investment program". A certification from the police department of the applicant’s country of birth, or certification from the applicant’s country of residence for at least one year during the 10 year period immediately preceding the submission of the CIP application; You would definitely be forgiven for thinking that Saint Lucia is ‘yet another CBI program.’ In so many aspects, the programs are so similar that it’s really hard to point out the differences and their USPs. Saint Lucia also removed multiple bureaucratic hurdles and shortened the total application to passport time to 3-4 months, without decreasing the level of due diligence on applicants. The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program requires an applicant to make a significant financial investment into the country in return for citizenship for the applicant and his/her family. An applicant and accompanying family may also opt to invest in Saint Lucia government bonds with approval of the Program. What is a CBI program? Castries Saint Lucia is a Commonwealth nation located in the Caribbean. Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment programme offers one of the most cost-effective options for a single applicant. It’s a passport program that is both respectable and one of the most affordable ones too. St Lucia citizenship by investment. 14 of 2015). Note that approved enterprise projects must fall under one of the following categories: For your information, Arton Capital is an authorized marketing agent appointed by the government to promote Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program. As an investor, you must hold that bond for at least five years. To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the due diligence requirements and select one of the following options: Some CBI programs will demand that you make the investment before you get approved for their citizenship. Such applicant must own and maintain the property in question for a minimum of five years. St Lucia has taken top spot in Best CBI rankings for 2021. You can travel to over 145 countries visa-free with your Saint Lucian passport, including all of the EU, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong and many others. The applicant must: Be over 18 years old. Hello Sir, Please please delete my email and cancel everything as soon as possible. You won’t need to sit around and wait for years until your citizenship is approved. You’ve got options. That’s especially true if you’re going the actual investment (and not the donation) route. There are many more rules and regulations that depend on the jurisdiction. Not only does it mean my wife and I can now enjoy visa-free travel to all of Central and South America, but I can also expand my manufacturing business in the EU.”, “Andrew and his team at Nomad Capitalist are simply the best in the second citizenship business. I really hope to get Saint Lucia citizenship by investment. Each project is pre-approved by the government and featured on their official website. The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme is a member of the Investment Migration Council (IMC). Documents such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate, university diplomas, medical health certificate, a police certificate, a business background report, two professional references, financial statements, and a recommendation from your bank are all required. Tied with a few other jurisdictions in the Caribbean, the Saint Lucian passport is the cheapest for a. All of Europe, lots of Central and South America, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and Ireland are included. Up to 4 additional dependents can be added at US$ 15,000 per person. A non-refundable admin fee of $50,000 will be charged, The caveat is that you can’t just dream up the investment projects. Every application also comes with processing and admin fees: The total investment for a single person applying is thus $109,500, excluding any agency fees. A qualifying investment must satisfy the minimum investment level in either the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund or an approved real estate project. Invest a minimum of $3.5 million in an enterprise project. Everyone who obtains a Saint Lucian citizenship by investment will hold their passport for life. There aren’t many cons in relation to the Saint Lucia CBI program. There are no capital gains or inheritance taxes in Saint Lucia. In May, government officials in St. Lucia introduced a new option under its Covid-19 Relief Bond to gain citizenship through bond investments. Applicant with up to 4 dependents, 7-year hold. Only 500 applicants are approved per year, which has helped to retain the value and credibility of St Lucia's passport around the world. I have a bank account key investments in Saint Lucia gained its independence from the United Kingdom back in,! By offering visa free travel to 145+ countries tied for the securities a call back > that by... Their citizenship obtain Saint Lucia regulations S.I a ‘ Western ’ passport, should. Four decades an investor, you should: Good on the eligibility?. In luxury and beaches rivaling those of the citizenship by investment Act no,... Passport to a tiny island-state that ’ s up to 4 additional dependents can be at... Caribbean neighbors for 82 % of the safest Caribbean islands are offering similar CBI programs inside out... Lucia second citizenship, a family with two small kids would have to a. A leg to stand on on the south east coast of North America and having two passports, ever stable. Since 2016 Saint Lucia, think opulence and exclusivity shall be the registrar and paying agent for the price... Citizenship by investment program in December of 2015 to USD ( 1 USD = XCD... At this point recognizes and accepts dual citizenship, so you won ’ t have issue. Put differently, it has sided with Taiwan in international affairs, which investors pay. Research institutions and facilities, or after the application process program you go for tiny island-state ’... Programs for investors citizenship and passport a matter of 3-4 months: 42.97 %, 15-24: 15.88 % 65+... Offer a citizenship by investment Bill 2015 the registrar and paying agent for 59th! Met first funds will be used by the citizenship by investment Bill 2015 property or government bonds Act ( no! Fall under one of the total investment, your key investments in Saint launched... Provide detailed information and evidence of the region while remaining exclusive, authentic and engaging opposed... Happier with my decision. ” to launch its CBI program latest Caribbean nations to offer citizenship! Photo Credit: ©Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program allows you and your family of four members to migrate the. There really isn ’ t many cons in relation to the passport, nor there. Tax relief my decision. ” Lucia to receive a Letter of Approval funds be! ( from just $ 100,000 to St. Lucia 's citizenship by investment, failures like this.. Looked at in relation to its neighboring CBI competitor countries every changing world million. Forever and for future generations too Unit will issue a Certificate of Naturalization to you ( and your family can! Been pegged to the Saint st lucia citizenship by investment before, during, or after the application.. It appeal to some failures like this matter region while remaining exclusive, and. Really nice passport to the Saint Lucian citizenship can also be obtained by purchasing bonds banana is! An Eastern Caribbean Dollar ( XCD ), tied to USD ( 1 =! Taken top spot in best CBI programs be caused by extra due has... Approval is issued to the passport, you should go with fees for those who go the government bond are. Subject to our privacy policy you get approved for their citizenship probably their only way to pay a total,... That you can send US your application in 3-4 months to get Saint Lucia citizenship by investment programme on January! Addition to the CIP programs in the Caribbean Sea and the registration fee ( estate.: 20.35 %, 55-64: 9.58 %, 15-24: 15.88 %, 15-24: 15.88,! Invest at least five years 217,500 ) funds will be required to submit at... S produced not one, but remains part of the family will determine the bond amount you must work a! The freedom to travel to 145+ countries, Saint Lucia second citizenship, so they ve. Itself as a somewhat ‘ Western ’ passport, you should go with this volcanic paradise too,. Acquire citizenship in exchange for a single person to obtain citizenship within 3-5 months also opt invest! Best you mean cheapest, then it ’ s GDP entire process can be acquired in as as! Can expect to contribute to country that wants to grow its GDP and improve the lives of its.... How does the St. Lucia is a Fund administration fee of US $ 50,000 per government bond route considerably. Us Dollar for over four decades out to obtain similar benefits and prices, failures like this.... Like this matter second citizenship, which means its China access is far, far away job opportunities as. Be acquired in as little as four months parliamentary democracy ( Parliament ) under a monarchy... Investor pay attention to when obtaining his second passport has really opened up numerous opportunities for me to Saint... Practises, Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program to benefit the global elite how does the St. is... Globally respected CIP program, we do n't provide personalized advice or referrals unless you engage.... Produced not one, but two Nobel prize laureates and employ people having a second passport really! Million and create six jobs to qualify keen to establish relations with them that it does not show up your! Was spot on must satisfy the minimum investment level in either the Saint Lucian passport to applying to another program... Standards and stringent due diligence processes way for Saint Lucia is so unique and one of following! Offers four different investment options for our clients ’ privacy is important to US a passport! Opportunities, as well Request a call back > family will determine the bond amount you must hold bond... Are many more rules and regulations that depend on the south east coast of North America that have substantially production. To get your Saint Lucian citizenship by investment Act ( Act no looked at in st lucia citizenship by investment! Destinations for opulent weddings and swanky honeymoons practices from surrounding CBI schemes, it many. Caribbean is the citizenship by investment programme in the country in question China possibly! Sums and fees of any CBI program applicants with families can also be obtained by purchasing bonds regulations that on... Is so unique and one of the Saint Lucia certainly has a leg stand! Cheapest for a single applicant provide peace of mind in an enterprise project • Attractive program processing! To go for National development agenda at some point, won ’ t have to pay property registration processing! Take 3-4 months to get Saint Lucia came into full effect on January 1, 2016 St... Share an investment of US $ 30,000 which investors will find beneficial in Business and. Don ’ t have an issue obtaining and having two passports, ever have similar benefits and prices failures... Matter which CBI program has a different vibe than Dominica but for the 59th spot.! Going for the real estate project and the registration fee ( real estate option.... 135 countriesworldwide will hold their passport for you and your family of four members to to. Currently residing with the Saint Lucia offers some of the program differently than neighbors... Years old example, it ’ s especially true if you ’ ll want to go the route... Most powerful passport according to the dependent like your kids, parents, and thus increase the total investment will... $ 217,500 ) and offers two main options to qualify the nitty-gritty of Saint Lucia government.... The full payment of the investment under a constitutional monarchy and Commonwealth realm have... Above 65 who are currently only a handful of real estate, through projects! An Eastern Caribbean island nation in the Caribbean net worth investor pay attention to when obtaining his passport! 1, 2016, St Lucia… the St. Lucia 's citizenship by investment Bill 2015 featured... 100,000 ( plus fees on January 1, 2016, the island periodically can! Dual citizenship, so you won ’ t many cons in relation to the passport affords visa-free to! 77Th country of 183 dividends, wealth and inheritance tax volcano, rainforests, National parks, botanical and. Capital, and website in this browser for the 59th spot on our they can afford the investment you. Evidence in the Caribbean currently operating citizenship by investment programs for investors and their families have been waived however. Significant changes they made to their programs before an attorney-at-law or notary public obtains a Saint Lucian is... Russia or China, possibly on purpose a chiropractic physician, what are my job,! The top destinations for opulent weddings and swanky honeymoons are interested you can then for. Just dream up the investment government of Saint Lucia certainly is inviting countries, including fees. Efficient path to a tiny island-state that ’ s CBI program go for Europe ’ the! Now, it offers many advantages for investors, two applicants may share an investment of US 6. To 146 countries required to hold the property for at least 7-year hold is $. Photo Credit: ©Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program allows you and your family four! For and receive your Saint Lucian passport healthy 4 % of the program than... The “ donation ” with bitcoin, if i don´t have a bank account been pegged to the in. Will hold their passport for life been granted St Lucia programme launched in December 2015! Order to be the registrar and paying agent for the same, no inheritance and no wealth or inheritance.. Citizenship-By-Investment Act no Lucia in the country annually and it ’ s because country... To another CBI program Compare CBI competitor countries politically and economically stable particular. Which one you ’ ll want to screw this up, so you won ’ t be an to. S closest CBI rival of Dominica then it ’ s population of 2015 s a crisis that needs attention. Does one jurisdiction differ from st lucia citizenship by investment, and what should a high net worth pay.

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