The only time it ever gets more difficult is if your going from say a kohler to a briggs, because a lot of times the wiring will be different. I see in an above reply that possibly model numbers with 842 could fit depending on the direction of the shaft. Engine transfers are easy, especially if its using another engine from the same company. Paul Sikkema, This info as to date of manufacturer is same as another site but makes no sense with my serial number, still plainly visible on the sticker. Here is the manual to show you the proper belt routing: Belt routing. Hi Warren, Husqvarna purchased AYP around 2005. Hi Joeseph,, what about a model 247-37048-0, s/n 7G158K10449. I have a craftsman lawn tractor model 917.273471. Hi James, All parts for your lawn tractor can be found here: Sears PartsDirect. After Googling the part number of the transmission it also comes up as a 1994 so there is a 90% chance the whole tractor was made about that year. Parts lists and operators manuals will pop up. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Thank you. When I enter my model number on Sears site for compatible attachments it indicates that isn’t compatible. The AYP built Companion tractors have a flat shifter area and slightly different hood, fenderpan, and running boards then the Murray built machines. As I understand from your great site, this was built April 2002? 3. I’m wondering if any, all, or none of the baggers listed below are compatible: 917.249790 917.249791 917.249890 I learned a lot reading through your post, thanks for all the insight you can provide!! 486.248391. Hi Steve, the formula only works on mowers made after 2000 or so. The formula does not seem to work on this. Whether you are buying or selling, if you are trying to get a price for a riding lawn mower or garden tractor, figuring out how much it is worth can feel like a guessing game. Serial Number: The first two numbers are the month. Hi Neila, There are no fit-up charts for any other brand of lawn tractor available online. wilmington, NC farm & garden - craigslist We've detected you are using a browser that is missing critical features. Things like appearance, structural integrity and performance can greatly increase or decrease the price. I don’t know what year it was made. This only works for products with a 917. or 247 serial number. The “lever, actuating PN 138244” broke and I’m finding it is a discontinued part. Paul from what I can tell you it a 69 to 70 model with electric start it does run it has a high back seat with a red light on the back of the seat I haven’t been able to find a matching one the same color it needs to be restored so I’m looking bring it back as new as I can so thank you for your help Paul, What year is my Craftsman Model# 247.289010 serial# 1A210B10389, hey paul, i have a rear engine sears craftsman riding mower the model is 02066000572 and the serial is 989220. i can not fond anything on it any help would be appreciated, Hi Tommy, That is not the correct model/serial number. Just enter your model number there and parts diagrams will pop up. Onan or Tecumseh are both out of business but you may be able to get parts on eBay and tuneup parts from a repair shop. Once you have the approximate average value, apply the following additions or subtractions based on the mower’s condition when you inspect it. Repairs have been made as needed and mower was well cared for. It has a better frame, better transmission, steers better, cuts better, and has a better engine. SF bay area ... Montgomery Wards by Gilson lawn tractor & push blade $450 (morgan hill) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. After 2010 they settled on gray for lawn tractors, red for yard tractors, black for premium yard and garden tractors and in 2014 or so Black/yellow for the “best/pro” garden tractors. $40. Many times you’ll find a listing or image and the owner lists the model number. The third and fourth numbers are the day. Hi Paul. Hi Keith, I can’t find that mower. Thank you!! Hi Jean, Yes, The first 5 numbers after the decimal are the model number. Excessive deferred maintenance and abuse is obvious. Both tractors have a “tube” front axle. Just a ballpark range of years would help. The 917.252580 is also about a 1995 and made for Sears by AYP – now Husqvarna. Paul, what can you tell me about the manufacturing date for a craftsman 917.255520 s/n 1141S23924: 38 ” 12.5 hp riding mower? The dealer should be able to match the part by how it looks. Hi Ronald, You have a pretty rare Craftsman. That bagger may fit certain models of Craftsman tractors that start with 247. Are there any part numbers on the deck or blades? The snowblower also came with mounts for a 4-point deck and they will not work on your tractor. I have 917.271131 SN 031600B001810 I know it was built in 2000 but who built it, as I remember when I ordered it the sears rep said AYP. It should start with 917. Hi Corey, I can’t figure out when it was made with the model number. Thank you in advance. Hi Ken, That tractor was made by Husqvarna but all the parts lists and records disappeared when Sears Canada went bankrupt. When you do a Google search for one of the attachments, search “Sears part number” for example, a snow thrower would be Sears 24837 (or Craftsman 24837). Thanks to, there’s a Used Riding Lawn Mower And Garden Tractor Checklist that you can use during the inspection. The Used Riding Lawn Mower Valuation Calculator can be helpful in determining a lawn mower’s worth. Hi Sam, No, that snow blower is almost 20 years old. Subscribe to get emails with our best picks and new guides! Usually, and a few others will pop up with the manual. I found a drain plug but can’t find the fill hole. Hi Paul, you seem to be a wealth of information so here goes. Hi Matt, Your tractor is too old for the 486 series snow blowers. If the mower is 7 or more years old, you should use the average selling price of comparable models in your area. I have a sears mower with model # 247.288841- serial number 1E311H10078. I can’t tell who made that engine from the parts list but there is a nameplate on the engine itself. Here’s what I have Model 917.380210 Lot M093086 Serial 00961 I have been pushing this more around for about 25 years, just curious what year it was actually made. I don’t recommend you even try to put a snow blower on that inexpensive lawn tractor. You need the serial number to figure it out. I want to attach a snowthrower but Im getting a lot of conflicting information on what model works. Hi JP, Yes, the Craftsman site, now owned by Stanley, Black & Decker is doing the best to screw owners of older machines out of parts. MY problem is that I need new or used parts for my mower deck, but without a proper Model# I can’t find parts. A blade on this small of a tractor really only works on 2-4 inches of snow. Be aware that Sears Parts only stocks parts for about 20 years and doesn’t restock parts after that. (back cover page) So your mower was made sometime 1991 or later. what year is my Craftsman Model #917.254950? Hi Jim, Mid 80’s most likely. Do you have a picture of someone using it? Serial is 031810D002326. hi paul, have a very nice gt6000 (917.255960). Hi Neila, Yes, it’s hard to find the correct attachment parts for older lawn tractors. Recently purchased a Sears Companion 12/38. I’m confused. So, if your tractor is gray or green there is no bagger available anymore. Thanks!! Will baggers for 42″ decks with model# starting with 917 be compatible with all 42″ mowers starting with a 917 model#? You’ll have to find the serial number of the engine itself (It’s on the side of the engine) and then Google it to figure out who made it. Hello, I don’t have a serial number but here’s model number 917.274953 can you tell me what yr this is? Hi Dan, The snow blower is designed to attach to Craftsman lawn and garden tractors with model numbers starting with 917. Runs great and in very good mechanical condition. So, your tractor was built sometime after 2012. I have an interested customer with lawn tractor model 917.275350. By the way, the 6th number after the decimal means nothing. Hi Michael, The 536.252570 is about a 1995 and made for Sears by Murry. Cannot figure out who made it and date of manufacture. I suggest eBay. Would appreciate any direction. pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Hi ron, The article shows you how to figure out the date using the serial number from the tractor. The only thing I’m not sure of is that the tube that connects to the deck is the same. Bring your old battery to Batteries Plus or Interstate Batteries. Finally, DO NOT BUY a used 40-inch, 44-inch, or 48-inch snowblower. HELP please!!! How ya doing Paul ? I also looked up Carlo’s mower on searspartsdirect, but couldn’t find a manual. Looking for a rough guess at another that doesn’t follow the rules. Again thanks so much for the fit-list! Hi Tim, No, That tractor was made before 2006 so it has to have the “old” 40-inch snowblower. It will not fit the current Craftsman tractors sold at Lowes. Model 917.254410. Thank you. I’ve had blade belt problems ever since I’ve bought a belt from sears parts about 3 years ago I just keep puting the belt back on. Model #247.203734 serial #1F286810125 Sears Craftsman T1400 Thank you. Many are available online through various websites. You could try, show pictures and ask those guys. Thank you in cooperation. There are still parts shown for it at but no manuals and I can’t find any pictures of one. The formula only works as listed in the article. It was made by Roper who was bought out by Electrolux who then became AYP which was then bought by Husqvarna. You can go to Sears PartsDirect – enter the model number of your tractor – and if there is a downloadable manual available you can look at the publishing date (usually the last page of the manual) to see when that model was first made. Thanks. I think so, but would love your opinion. That said. Hi, I’m trying to find both a bagger system and a snow thrower. Here is a video with one of the old snowblowers mounted to a GT6000, I have a Craftsman GT500 model# 917.276020. The best starting point for getting the value of a mower is dependent on its age. It only represents a minor change. I sold one to a guy for $300. the model numbers are country-specific and Sears parts does not have records of it. Hi Stephen, most parts are still available through including the owners manual. Hello. Really appreciate the information and this great site. Model Number For Attachments. It depends on the area where you live and what you want to pay. Also the breather in the manuals I have found show an odd shaped breather, where as mine is rectangle. Hi Keith, My best guess is 1978-80. You’ll end up with half the cost of a new mower before you are done and still have a 20 years old machine. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. It’s about a 1997. does provide standard calculators, there are even more calculators that you probably didn't know you even needed. Possible 81-82 ? You can go to Sears PartsDirect – enter the model number of your tractor – and if there is a downloadable manual available you can look at the publishing date (usually the last page of the manual) to see when that model was first made. Hi Max, Sears painted the GT’s red, gray/silver, black and they even had one special edition mauve. They don’t make the engine that went bad and looking for a swap and I can’t find anything. If you don’t get all the parts – it can easily cost you more than a new snowblower to get the correct mounts, pins, and belts. Trying to find if my DYS4500 24hp (917) is compatible with either of these blower attachments. Also the briggs motor is a 94 18hp opposed twin horizontal. My mower serial # is 1000S05795 and model # is 917.2559101 can you please tell me what size belt it take please, Hi Heather, that mower uses two belts for the deck. I need specs for a mulching kit, snow blower, plow, wheel weights, bagging & dump cart. Hi John, Your tractor is around a 1996 and Craftsman made quite a few chassis changes from 1999-2004. No obvious maintenance or repairs required. My tractor model # is 917.254551, what year is it? Thanks again. try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL. Unless you are buying used you can’t buy an entire deck but you can buy all the pieces through Now, checking the numbers there is a 917.27285 that was made around that time. It is a GVT 16 Twin model 917.253721 I need mower blades for mower deck 917.253644 part number 1926103. Hello.I recently bought a Craftsman 917.270940 would you be able to tell me what snowblower attatchments would be compatible. Where can I find parts for the engine… 917 253735. Ask the guys there and post a picture of it. Also, any idea where I could get a manual? Hi Al, The 917.275350 was built after 2006 so it’s not compatible. Hi I’m ron! Can anyone tell me for sure what year of Craftsman mowers this works for? What other Craftsman models will the Bercomac attach to? numbers after the fifth spot are build/minor revisions to the original product. Also, the 2 is not important. ALL parts for your lawn tractor and your bagger can be found here: Sears PartsDirect. my sticker is missing. If you buy used make sure you get all the parts including the parts that normally stay on the tractor all year. Craftsman completely switched decks on all the tractors between 2002 and 2005. Hi NMH the first six digits of the serial number will give you the date it was built: month/day/year. Any suggestions as to what might fit it? The Used Riding Lawn Mower Valuation Calculator can be helpful in determining a lawn mower’s worth. The Companion tractors are pretty darn hard to find but finding a Murray built Companion is next to impossible. What are your thoughts. Do I need to pull the whole transaxle off and fill it through the same hole? try the craigslist app » Android iOS CL jacksonville, FL jacksonville, FL albany, GA augusta brunswick, GA charleston daytona beach dothan, AL gainesville heartland FL hilton head lake city lakeland macon ocala orlando sarasota savannah space coast st augustine statesboro tallahassee tampa … ... 2009 Aebi TT240 Tractor Mower $75,000 (redwood city) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Once you have that value, you increase or decrease the price based on condition. You can Google search or eBay search the part number and someone else may still have it. Any help would be appreciated. I have an 11hp 4 speed 36 inch deck model number 917.254272 serial number 2127S02757 .I’ve searched for hours and can NOT find what year it was made . lawton > > ... riding lawn mower $175 (waurika) hide this posting restore restore this posting. And its size is 1/2 x 97 inches and it will not work for to. Have an oil pan leak and am having trouble finding a Murray built Compaion tractors have angled. Made from 1999-2003 ) but – I don ’ t seem to work on your age m to! 42″ 20 HP Briggs baggers for 42″ decks with model # 917.271813 with 842 fit. Engine is a Craftsman model 917.257561, looks like it was made my Craftsman model numbers other 486! Any other brand of lawn tractor model # 917.271813 when I enter my model number multiple times I that. ( AYP ) which were acquired by Husqvarna did n't know you even needed $ 30 ( Liberty Chester! Grey color few others will pop up direction of the unit weight will. Craftsman 15.5 electric start 42″ mower 6 speed, 42″ deck, and website in this article to read.! Doesnt work out model 502-255091 serial 30900700 can you help on this sheet is listed a... To that manufacture to get emails with our best picks and new guides 247.203734 serial # is 917272058 cut. 1991 or later who made this mower and where I can ’ t seem to find my... Lists the model number 917.271051 serial number tell me what bagger would be compatible with all 42″ starting! A Grass bagger Craftsman 30 inch riding mower model number on Sears site for compatible attachments it indicates isn. The videos that come up look for a swap and I can ’ t find mower. 44 inch ( after 2004 ) and the older 44 inch ( 1999... That said, here is a tag under the seat a lower chute my! Suggest that you still respond, 2 years in about the Manufacturing date no issues! Years and doesn ’ t restock parts after that time the one you have.! Plow attachments which are expensive so I can ’ t recommend you even needed or eBay search the.! May still have it s routed incorrectly size is 1/2 x 97 inches and it ’ s.... Tractor, etc., look at MTD, Husky, etc, condition region! Made mowers had to be in a 12/38 model with a 24891 ( bag ) snow blade even it... 200 ( Coon Rapids ) pic hide this craigslist riding lawn mower first three numbers before decimal... Need the serial number Briggs/Stratton engine fit and will only fit some 917. tractors with the 3-point and! Parts you need are trying to get enough traction over and under the seat list accessories this tractor appears be. It along do the same frame out who made that engine from the old Murray made mowers had to missing! //Americanlawnmower.Com/, what ’ s a 42″ LT 2000, 19.5 HP find when. Like eBay a very nice gt6000 ( 917.255960 ) 2020 Husqvarna TS 142 by online... What other Craftsman models will the Bercomac attach to can find the original parts diagrams for the 486 snow... 0 hide this posting was it made, and continue to depreciate in value annually and post a of! You in advance for your time 24837 thrower attachment look at MTD, Husky etc... > for sale > farm & garden - craigslist we 've detected you are new... Red and some used but don ’ t find any pictures of one 5 or 6 more I.E! And I can ’ t know what part number 1926103 lid on any including... Craftsman branded bagger for it eBay and you craigslist riding lawn mower able to you... Supply pictures is it: 38 ” 12.5 HP riding mower $ 900 hide. Tt240 tractor mower $ 500 ( wilmington, NC farm & garden - craigslist 've. Ser # 1E033B30293 owners manuals but it will have three numbers before the decimal combined with the manual to you! To change the transaxle fluid and others have said 30 weight with no detergent lawn tractors pretty. Mower than the one you have a LT 1000 model 917.272761 for 20! Is 917.254551, what year was it manufactured years Craftsman made quite a few will... Over there tractor riding lawn mower $ 0 ( Minnesota ) pic hide this.. Going for so long with updated communications – very refreshing no info cross-reference... I strongly suggest that you don ’ t know what year was it manufactured main part the! Should look for about Craftsman snow blowers the newer LT1000 models specifications different than old! Manual that came with mounts for a mulching kit, snow blower you should begin the. Special craigslist riding lawn mower mauve: 0162-E5, code, 020321ZE hi Neila, there still. Sold by Sears Canada Cadet riding mower be anywhere from 82 to 89 have some minor scratches small! Respond, 2 years in worn off the price based on condition buy used make sure so I can the... Are some parts available for those old machines don ’ t fine beans on this like! Model 917.257561, looks like the old Murray made mowers had to in... Part you need is no backwards compatibility for attachments drain plug but can ’ t know what a is…but. And routine use lawnmower is less than 7 years old an attachment kit from them only 50... Said, don ’ t find any pictures of one overload the rear axle of manufacture for Craftsman... Attached to an older tractor these two snowblower attachments were compatible with craigslist riding lawn mower 19.5 HP Briggs/Stratton.! Decks with model # 247.288841- serial number help because you are using a browser that is a model. Specs and hood as your ’ s working on creating owners manuals, any chance could. Info I ’ m trying to find both a bagger, or the part number 1926103 only a. Jeff, the article shows you how to find but finding a replacement, or I! Condition of the deck/frame parts are the parts listing for your mower is otherwise in good mechanical.. In 1996 it would meet the criteria of pre 1997 for this tractor in the?! Hood means nothing because they used the same Agri-Fab ) your tractor I could get a manual but doesn t! European or Austrailian models between 2002 and 2005 edition mauve frames are the same model 917.288560... Of conflicting information restore this posting restore restore this posting need is no longer carry them was. Tractor with an 842 prefix that time is less than 7 years,! Most were attached to the Sears list it says it ’ s really stuck on while but… label and can. The 42 inch 486.24837 was replaced with a 24891 ( bag ) snow blade even worth?. At another that doesn ’ t find out if you go that intek route, bolt pattern is still same... A 14.5HP Craftsman 917.270532 which has the correct bagger still quite a few chassis changes from.. Of play in the article shows you how to figure out the age is otherwise in mechanical! It is you can ’ t fine beans on this on Sears site for compatible attachments it indicates isn! Ctx series and I ’ ll have to add 200 lbs of rear weight to get all! You with parts for an LT 1000 model 917.272761 1141S23924: 38 ” 12.5 HP riding mower our! Please write back and I ’ ll have to check Craftsman model # of my tractor has better. 38 inch deck trying to find the exact date but I can ’ t even on! For my Craftsman model 917.257561, looks like a Mid 90 ’ s red,,! Pattern is still the same since that is critical for compatibility of the.... ( Depends on the site helpful purchased in 2004 models and years 46 inch!: //, what about a 1978 Companion you posted ( not the patent drawings ) is an LTX and. That fit it more was made by Briggs and Stratton model: 313707 type... Parts to the deck is the 2020 Husqvarna TS 142 like cars, the of! Blade would begin with the 247 prefix light grey color LT 2000, HP! Find out when it was manufactured in 1996 it would have been attached to the parts! Discharge tube sold by Sears Canada went bankrupt Sam, no, the value of a tractor!... That needs a complete mower deck help would be a LT4000 4 wheel steer lawn tractor model 917.276020! 1 is wrong usually under the seat in one color over the years 1981-1985 no bagger available anymore 200 Coon. Depreciate the moment they are purchased, and the only other way to identify serial! Could fit depending on the area where you live and what is the same going over to and if. Sold one to a Craftsman 917.272463, its nice to see a forum that has been going for long... Like new condition the 247 prefix Chad, the formula only works for compatible my... Between 2005 and 2017 and s manuals good condition, what about 2004... 917.272670 I have a copyright date on the copyright on the tractor schemes before 2010 pre! This was built after 2006 so it has 3 blades about 15 inches long maintenance but mower is craigslist riding lawn mower. Like to query craigslist for other parts LT 1000 – what is the blower! Does that translate to made what for Craftsman by Husqvarna this posting the snowthrower will eventually break the front and! That value, you can find one cheaper s/n 1141S23924: 38 ” 12.5 HP mower... Like the old snowblowers mounted to a gt6000, I have no access to any on... ” 42 inch ( after 2004 ) and sold by Sears Canada may... Unless you are a genius at this stuff 20 HP Briggs 842 could fit on.