O Let Me Steal A March On Time

O let me steal a march on time
For Eternity’s sake and thine.

To gain a day
While the moon and sun hold sway.

And with a single heart,
Neither wasting, nor forfeiting
My allotted part before the chime.

To know all my work done
Ere the hammer’s stroke,
That slays the running man,
Who from his sleep a woke
To find that time is no more.

Let me not,
As in my greener days,
Remand responsibilities,
To scatter random moments along the way.

Let me not descend
To merely eat and drink and walk upon the earth,
To make my bed here as if it were my home.

Touch me with thine angel’s hand
That I would measure out for you
Each grain of sand.

Awaken me.
Make me alert and ready to the test.
Not almost or nearly,
But wholly thy man.

So much for others rides upon my breast.

Elliott Tepper



2 thoughts on “O Let Me Steal A March On Time”

  1. Dear Eliott,
    Should the next to last line read ‘But wholly thy man.’?

    Thank you for an inspiring weekend in Liverpool!! I do ask the Lord to kindly touch your body and make you fully well – even though we were blessed by the Lord’s strength in your weakness!

    Much love in Him,
    Lesley Humphreys

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