General Secretary of the Unite Union, Len McCluskey, tells Times Radio’s the Labour Party should back a post-Brexit trade deal if one is agreed. Tags: Len McCluskey / Brexit / 2019 general election / Unite / Len McCluskey Len McCluskey is general secretary of Unite the Union. The General Secretary of Unite the Union said: "Anybody who wants to look independently and objectively at this election result will see that it was because of Brexit." For some Labour pro-Europeans, no Brexit and no Corbyn government is a win-win. Len McCluskey told the BBC that Labour should not rush to back another referendum, and should wait for the party's consultation. Daily email Everything Labour. The … Getty Sign Up. Len McCluskey: a second Brexit referendum risks tearing our society apart. Speaking to Gloria De Piero and Tom Newton Dunn he said: In my opinion let’s get Brexit done and out of the way. Downing Street said the discussion is part … HARD-LEFT Union boss Len McCluskey last night told Remainer rebels to finally accept “we lost the referendum” and give up trying to stop Brexit. Jobs are at stake, and with them the future of communities and industries. Every weekday morning. It wasn’t decided by the party leader, or the shadow Brexit secretary. MORE STORIES; Now Labour faces free movement backlash as union baron Len McCluskey says Jeremy Corbyn should NOT be kept if Brexit happens. By Len McCluskey. By clicking ‘subscribe’ you … Theresa May to hold Brexit talks with union boss Len McCluskey after Corbyn refuses meeting with PM. Get the New Statesman\'s Morning Call email. Unite’s position was clear on this from the outset, which is why we campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union. Of course it … Sign-up. @LenMcCluskey View all articles by Len McCluskey. Len McCluskey has blamed Brexit for Labour's heavy election defeat. Mr McCluskey also said that Jeremy Corbyn had been subjected to "disgraceful attacks" which "became an issue on the doorsteps. Len McCluskey said it'd be wrong not to take a side (Image: BBC). January 15, 2017 2:41 PM Brexit is not a parlour game about political positioning. The Unite leader Len McCluskey has said Labour must support a pragmatic Brexit deal, saying it appeared to be impossible to stop no deal and that … The Unite leader … ". Union bigwig Len McCluskey with Jeremy Corbyn T he Labour Party finally has a position on Brexit .