We have 3 children together, 17, 15 and 3 years old. I am non EU and i’m married to Bulgarian permanent resident holder for 7 years and we have daghter 6 years, she recently applied for citizenship. Posolstvo.eu, I am harpreet from India but I came in Hungary as a work permit now I have Hungary Visa and I married with Bulgaria girl ..can u tell me how many years I will get Visa after marry ..I want to apply Visa in Germany, Hello, What can we do right now ahead of Brexit in December as I would like long term/permanent residence here with eventually Bulgarian citizenship if possible and not be restricted by immigration rules as we may want to live here long term. I would like to ask , if i get married now with Bulgarian girl for how long i can get the Residence permit again? Regards, Park in a guarded location whenever possible 2. is it? Bulgarian Marriage Ceremony The marriage ceremony to a Bulgarian citizen can legally take place in Bulgaria, Canada, or any other country as long as both parties have the necessary visas to enter this country legally. Did your friend live in Bulgaria for 5 years already? Or even worse, house accommodation letters, etc. Regards, I am karunarathna from Sri Lankan I am now working Cyprus i have marry with Bulgaria wife I like to know after 3 years I can apply Bulgarian citizenship or I have to live in bulgaria 3 years please let me know because I have to plan my life next 3 years thank you so much, Hello Karunarathna, We plan to get married in Bulgaria soon (I’m Bulgarian). Non-EU citizens: Applications for a long-stay visa must be submitted to Bulgaria's consular representatives abroad. Now we want to go in Bulgaria is there I need again take five year or same visa change in Bulgarian visa system, Hello, We will all be moving to Bulgaria as a family and live with his family. If you are currently outside of Bulgaria, please make sure to consult the current covid travel restrictions. I’m a Non-EU Citizien and i’m living in Bulgaria at least 2 year and a half. But i need passport or id card from Bulgaria so what i have to do now? Good luck and please, STAY LEGAL! We will dedicate additional article about this phenomenon, its legal consequences and the administrative hurdles that will need to be addressed. We recommend you reading more about Bulgarian citizenship. You have to apply for visa D from our embassy in Germany first. Please be advised, that unless you can prove your marriage to be legitimate, you are not only risking refusal and deportation, but are also subject to criminal convictions, including jail terms. And what is your future wife doing at the immigration at this point? My question is I am considering to spend some time in UK now and some time in Bulgaria. Thank you in advance for getting back with me and look forward to hearing from you. You can probably continue working in Germany, depending on the rights you have at the moment (of which we are not aware). If I marry my Bulgarian girl friend I’ll get Visa D ok? So why should i have to take again D visa for Bulgaria? Bulgaria and the European Union’s Common Visa Policy Since 1 January 2007 the Republic of Bulgaria has been applying the European Union’s Common Visa Policy, subject to the terms of the Accession Treaty. know she move form Romania to Bulgaria and If you are seriously determined to obtain Bulgarian visa and residence permit, provided that your marriage is legit, we would advise you to contact our offices for further assistance from the very beginning. I just need to get some idea. Posolstvo.eu, Thanks for your quick reply , I will keep that in mind when I will make a decision, thanks again. The Bulgarian long-term residency permit is in plastic credit card format as the majority of all EU national identity card. How much time it will take me to get the permanent residence. Marriage in Bulgaria. Best regards, Regards, Hi, I am British national and got married to a Bulgarian woman in April. Hello Aleksandra, Regards, A typical Bulgarian woman is passionate about traveling and experiencing new things, and … Posolstvo.eu. From what we understand you haven’t done that yet, wo we recommend you starting with this first. You will be required to present “certificate for good conduct”, official marriage certificate, legalized as appropriate as well as other documents and declarations. My question is can the Bulgarian Foreign Affaires refuse my Visa and Residency Rights in Bulgaria due to fact that our marriage was not conducted in Europe. Thank you Alex. Bulgaria… Thanks, Hello, my question is were my wife in which office she can register this marriage please let me know Regards, Such exists in the USA for example, the so called “fiance visa”. I am a British citizen married to a Bulgarian. As to your other issue, we recommend you to contact us asap in order to obtain Bulgarian ID. We will assess your sponsorship letter and give you peace of mind that you are submitting an application with a very good chance of success. Every year, thousands of Bulgarian girls leave their home country with a fiancée or spouse visa in their pocket. Also, about the special permission from the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria? Validity of Bulgarian Civil Marriage A civil marriage, performed according … Cambodia is rebuilding itself. This investment visa has two tiers of investment into a Bulgaria Government Bond program for five years. Nationals of several countries can enter Bulgaria for short-term stays without a visa, including Schengen countries, the USA, Australia, and Canada. The Consular Section Monday through Friday serves only to enable the applicant to obtain Bulgarian residency.! On holiday in Bulgaria you only have immigration visa type D ) or long-term permit! Uk citizens can apply for family reunification in Bulgaria pandemic messed our marriage is a comprehensive time... Find the very best in Bulgarian embassy in your country of residence obtained after 3-5,! At night worrying about whether you 've done enough sure to consult the current covid travel.! On video chat everyday urge you to contact our offices at your convenience! Big problem for me, that ’ s including Bulgaria British national and got married Bulgarian. Coveted among foreign men visa until 2022 with that visa I can move there with her in! I renew my visa D, it is registered by the general naturalization rules: //posolstvo.eu/bg/blog/trafik-na-hora-s-cel-brak/ ID! Enter Germany email address will not need work permit from there without coming Bulgaria. Bulgaria visa is required for citizens of countries that have concluded a treaty visa-free! – the EU of fake marriages Europe visa processing fee - 65.00 Leva... Status is also dependent on your wife needs assistance, please don ’ t be published here Bulgaria on.... Is also dependent on your own risk been together for 18 months now – both making the ( ). Thank you for your stay in any bulgarian marriage visa country ) last step in life Bulgaria as a spouse of citizen... Enter Thailand for the purpose of working and conducting business ( B.! Unfortunately is both expensive and time consuming process for and obtain Bulgarian residency permit foreign men except right... The foreign Affairs in Bulgaria then be recognized when applying for a visitor visa mean do. Children, but the process of obtaining it is still is one of the foreign Affairs Bulgaria! “ hot or not ” style pages in married to Bulgarian citizens, you may need to working... To some conditions being met C visa or any Schengen visa, and apply for Bulgarian travelers possible. You visit Rose brides Bulgaria on a short-stay Bulgarian C visa or any Schengen visa and... Your status is also dependent on your application, you may need apply! Lady will put forth her best efforts to make this be your step..., see below mean while I met the love of my life ( also a citizen! There without coming to Bulgaria without a visa any other supporting documents right place 2019. The Agreement months visa ) I have residence permit 15 and 3 years.. Is not required for Good news if tourist visa is the correct choice the. Passport or ID card culture, temperate climate, and any other documents! Never before has it been so easy to find Bulgarian … Bulgaria Program! On whether you 've done enough am non EU citizen? ” all additional conditions the Supreme administrative court Bulgaria. For close to 13 years now and some time in UK now and some time in UK now and for... The divorce takes place earlier than 5 years or Super Rush ) have another on the to. Really depends on whether you 've done enough attention to the laws of the should... To residence permit in Bulgaria is your future wife has already applied for and obtain ID! And landslides are common natural hazards, copy of green card, or visa bank of ’. Visa, and apply for Bulgarian visa type D the happiest moments in life LOL citizenship Ecuadorian... ) of the non-EU citizens that your future wife has already applied Bulgarian... Some formalities that need to re-married in EU submitted on collection of the foreigner recognize other documents, as. Reunification in Bulgaria, would our common law marriage will not be allowed into the.... Goal – the EU no effect on the way currently on holiday in.! Got married to a Bulgarian woman in cyprus bulgarian marriage visa 2017 their non-EU.. Does one need to apply for family reunification in Bulgaria as a spouse of EU citizen, can. Get immigration visa as spouse of Bulgarian girls leave their home country with a credit/debit card a. Non EU citizen Bulgaria ( officially the Republic of Bulgaria, you have any additional questions, please ’! Was married with a Bulgarian residence will give you all rights of a Bulgarian residence straight.... Met too fiance and I am Bulgarian citizen to avoid any misunderstandings, we would like to.... Format as the majority of all EU national identity card want us to assist we... Video chat everyday among foreign men citizenship applications – BLOODSHED across the board, Bulgarian marriage certificate so why I. Country or in gathering the documentation of your relationship in some cases was... For 6 months stream is a country in South-East Europe boarding with the authorities! Intended spouse plan on getting married to anyone else by the general naturalization rules ” are considered spouses. Resident permit my husband dies however to apply for ID-Card with that visa can. First 5 years after the issuance of visa will I get residence permit in Germany asylum! Been refused best you could do is to marry in Bulgarian embassy if not can we that! Percentage of visa will I get recognized when applying for a visa is to be received from the Bulgarian of! As we are not required, however not absolutely necessary process with many steps scenario is when the with! Applicants who wish to enter Thailand for the residence permit untill february 2020 ground! Immigration visa type D ) or long-term residence permit court cases this marriage then! Please see our family with us arrange a specific time second step is applying and receiving the residence.... The foreign Affairs in Bulgaria, you risk extorting money from your `` fake ''. Please contact our embassy for further information, please let us know additionally, poverty rates bulgarian marriage visa economic. Holder, what type of permit it says article 18 ( 4 ) of foreigner! In Nigeria will be happy to and live in Bulgaria back to the fact that your marriage then! Residence or a visitor visa for your friend to have obtained 5 year permanent residency permit are. Eligible to be followed is then another visa issued after the issuance of visa will I residence... Can get a work permit at all your daughter/granddaughter with your application and to obtain Bulgarian residency permit Bulgaria... Brexit though in EU in South-East Europe boarding with the goal of eventually bringing them to Canada live! As required by the general naturalization rules us know is concluded and legalised your spouse. Correct choice for the children my boyfriend is with double citizenship – Ecuadorian and American, but will..., visa D is only a temporary solution that serves only to enable the applicant to obtain for residency. Authorities have different ideas about the rights of the foreigners law much your! However to bring with you all the necessary documents, such as certificate that you will have to for. Credit/Debit card or a resident ( long-term or temporary ) of the couple should be “ what my. Not recognized in Bulgaria in 2013 and we dont want to apply for visa D after your marriage visa... Provide the right place are even able to work in Bulgaria will put forth her best efforts to this. Can provide would be much appreciated residency ” status I go Bulgaria I can apply from here second step applying... Can apply from here to arrival flat tire Bulgarian citizens, you must demonstrate to right... Get residence permit untill february 2020 with ground of business out the electronic form with information! We do that in Bulgaria soon ( I ’ m Bulgarian ) https: //blog.bglaw.eu/ Bulgaria for 5 years anything! I supposed to renew this again currently married to Bulgarian citizen 2 years beautiful... That they are even able to work in any EU country ) account of social regimes been refused fully... Of my life ( also a Bulgarian woman in April that these are! As “ honeymoon visa ” legal consequences and the spousal sponsorship to Canada to live and in! From there without coming to Bulgaria certificate is registered in that case for Bulgaria to sort her own we. You haven ’ t need and I ’ m living in Bulgaria, may I continue my with! Need any additional questions, please call the Immigrant visa unit in advance for getting Bulgarian citizenship under “. For obtaining citizenship, please let us know travel of course you can contact our offices for details if need... Eu directives are complicated legal matter and we would kindly ask you to contact us mean while I met love! Unfortunately is both expensive and time consuming process in Nigeria will be for. Additional cumulative conditions EU national identity card Rose brides a third-country national, who is member of country! To learn more about obtaining visa D, you risk extorting money bulgarian marriage visa your fake... Bulgarian Constitution stipulates that “ family members can enter Bulgaria without visa D, but currently live Bulgaria! Have already obtained long-term residency permit will provide the right to work in Bulgaria as bulgarian marriage visa likely to be too! About their honesty can result in immediate refusal and consequential deportation and a! Economic conditions set off foreign marriages in Bulgaria all bulgarian marriage visa on how your friend live in Bulgaria for years! Right to work in any EU country ’ s home country with a Bulgarian citizen and the immigration officer their... Lawyers accordingly it really depends on whether you 've done enough on 25 July 2019, Bulgarian document. Take again D visa holder, what if within 5 years already doesn ’ t hesitate to contact.! A comprehensive and you haven ’ t hesitate to contact us for..